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Terms and Conditions

Understanding and confirming our website’s Terms & Conditions is mandatory for all our customers and users. Our logos, content, information, etc. are protected under patent laws. We hope to associate a secure and safe relationship with you.

  • is an online pharmacy that deals with medication. It does not undertake product manufacturing.
  • We authorize only customers of 18 years of age and above for making a purchase. Users under 18 can refer to our website but not buy products from the store.
  • We dispatch only high-quality FDA-approved drugs for consumer’s health safety.
    All details and information on the website are for reference and awareness, but not a substitute or equivalent to a health professional’s advice.
  • If you experience complications of ill effects, then you must reach a doctor immediately.
  • Our administration can update any detail, information, pricing, products, etc. without prior notice. You must regularly check the website to note any changes.
  • You should only take an appropriate dose of medicine, and not an overdose. We request you to follow proper drug indications, as we are not responsible for any ill effects the item causes.
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