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Use Generic RU486 and Save on the Cost of In-Home Abortion

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Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion is a primary abortion pill. You take it on day 1 of the medical pregnancy termination procedure. The strength of this anti-progesterone medicine is 200mg. The medicine is available as Mifepristone and Mifeprex. So, you can choose any of these three medications. And then use it to start ending your early pregnancy at home. You can self-administer the pill orally with water. And, the pill will only work for a pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

In combination with Misoprostol pills, the medication has a success rate of 97-99%. The medicine comes at a standard cost. The cost of the procedure is much lesser. This is in comparison to the combined charges you have to pay otherwise for accessing invasive treatment.

You can make the purchase pocket-friendly. And then save on the cost of getting admitted to the clinic, transportation to the health center, and other charges. This post will discuss everything you need to know about the abortion pill Generic RU 486 and its uses. Learn how to purchase it and more.

How Does Generic RU486 Work and Its Uses?

Here is how the pregnancy termination pill works:

  • Generic RU 486 is the starter abortion pill. It suppresses the progesterone hormone. In pregnancy, the progesterone hormone plays a major role in the survival of the embryo.
  • It also maintains the endometrial lining. The endometrial lining keeps the fetus attached to the uterus. In absence of this hormone, the endometrial lining begins to break. This results in the detachment of the embryo from the uterus wall.
  • The fetus stops growing, ending the pregnancy. The womb still contains the pregnancy tissues, the sac, and the embryo in it. These are later expelled by the administration of Misoprostol pills.
  • Finally, the pregnancy gets terminated after the heavy vaginal bleeding begins. Also, the cervix dilates to cause effortless emptying of the uterus. The procedure completes within 24 to 72 hours.

How to Get the Abortion Pills?

Several healthcare offices may provide you with the medication. But it is easier to buy Generic RU486 online on prescription. The reason for this the purchase is quick, convenient, cost-effective, and more private. You do not have to travel anywhere. You can simply order medicines anytime and anywhere. All of it can happen as per your choice. The pills come in discreet packaging right at your doorstep. And you will receive instant support on Live Chat 24 x 7 from the outlet.

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