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Cancellation Policy

Given below, there are some rules which come under our cancellation policy.

It is advisable for all our customers, please read them carefully.

1) Once the payment is done your order can neither be canceled nor be refunded.

2) Tracking Number will be sent within 24 to 48 hours.

3) Do not make payment through eCheck since it takes additional 8 business days to clear & it takes a total of 25 business days to deliver the product hence if you want us to ship your orders on priority then don’t make payment to PayPal through eCheck.

Users must give us an accurate shipping address for receiving a timely delivery. Please avoiding any delay or any sort of inconvenience.
No discount is going to be provided on canceled products. may be a trustworthy platform to shop for online abortion pills. Which are safe and FDA-approved still you would like to cancel your order. For any reason please cancel your order within 2 hours of your purchasing the item.

We value your business and ask that you simply respect our business scheduling policies (cancellation policy).

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